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The 2 BIG reasons successful cattleman use

Brahman Bulls for Crossbreeding.

What happens when you ask your buddy where he shot that big deer last year? He won't tell you - because he doesn't want you to shoot a bigger deer than he did. There's a similar situation amongst ranchers and where they get their bulls. Let us tell you the two biggest reasons why the most successful cattleman in South Texas and the gulf coast use Brahman bulls.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Brahman bull right for me?

If you live in Texas - especially south or central or gulf coast Texas - YES - the Brahman bull is the ideal bull for your country.

Can you help me understand what bull would work best on my cows?

Yes! Our expert team of V8 includes Sloan Williams, Jim Williams, Brandon Cutrer and Kolten Thigpen. Any of these would love to visit with you to help you match the best bull with your cow herd and goals.

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